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Real People
Real People

Agency Culture – Keeping It Real

If you asked a group of people what makes their PR agency great, I think you’d hear a lot of the same things. Amazing culture. A unique approach. The best and brightest minds.


I’ll be the first to admit it—but when I started my career a few years ago at Y&R PR, my first job out of college; those were the clichés that to me represented a great agency. But after just a short time working with my colleagues, I realized that I had found much more than I had ever expected.


I was quickly immersed in situations that made me realize I found the real deal. For one, I witnessed how great ideas are born. I saw how these ideas often come from the most unexpected places; like the mind of someone new like me for example. My teams have the amazing ability to create an environment that not only encourages great thinking, but also embraces that it can come from anywhere.


A great agency is not only about having the best and brightest minds or other familiar phrases. It’s also about recognizing the best in each other, or knowing how to bring out peoples’ individual talents.


In the short few years I have been at Y&R PR, I have come to realize that a great culture doesn’t come from happy hours and parties. Great culture can happen by just having fun at work every day because you actually like spending time with the people who sit around you, even on Monday mornings. An agency without a real culture is just a workplace, which is much different from a great place to work. And if you love where you work, you create work that sings!

Meg Woodworth / Senior Account Executive
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