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Rewarding Connections
Rewarding Connections

“We’re all connected”

For those who remember, “we’re all connected” is a tagline from an old telephone company ad. But, today it is more relevant than ever. With the proliferation of technology, the world is at our fingertips, quite literally.


But being connected and making rewarding connections are not synonymous. As public relations professionals, our fundamental responsibility is to make connections with the clients we represent, the communities they serve, media influencers on deadline and the influencers that share messages. It’s the part of our profession that drives the team here at Y&R PR.


Relationships are currency and partnerships are how we measure success. The most important thing we earn from our clients isn’t necessarily bigger budgets. It’s their trust. Trust is what drives us as professionals and trust is what allows our team to go beyond the expected to produce innovative, compelling and actionable ideas.


Establishing trust doesn’t happen overnight. It’s earned. And, although the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen may be the fastest way to communicate, it is rarely the most effective. We appreciate the art of conversation. Not being afraid to challenge and compromise. Making a commitment rather than a concession. And, providing a voice with value.


Whether it’s building a campaign in the boardroom, articulating a narrative, overcoming an issue or working a story with a reporter, we understand that people are at the center of everything we do. We’re not selling products…we’re helping people. People with challenges to solve, a thirst to understand, deadlines to meet, goals to achieve and metrics to fulfill. To us, it’s more than the award winning work we produce, it’s about the lives that we impact, the people we touch and those rewarding connections we create.


It’s time for us to make a connection.

Jon Hendl / EVP, Client Services
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