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Refined Approach
Refined Approach

Buzzwords Aren’t Always Best For Business

“Starting a movement…Going viral…Creating disruption.” These are some of the buzzwords that captivate our industry, fuel strategic programming and drive our efforts. Not at Y&R PR.


But while these may be communication goals that every PR agency aspires to achieve, the one thing I have learned in my over 10 years of developing and implementing large-scale marketing communications programs is this: The underpinning of success always starts with flawless execution.


It is undeniable that no creative idea can be successful without grounded implementation, and no strategy can make an impact without effective execution. Realizing this is the easy part; doing it, not so easy.


At Y&R PR, we pride ourselves on taking a more refined approach to our work, day after day. We possess a mastery of the basics, never taking any of them for granted; and are passionately vigilant about delivering efficient, top-notch work.

The benefits of this approach show in a number of ways — and here’s how we do it:

  • In our strategy, we thoughtfully blend avant-garde thinking with reality checks. Can we get the results we want? In the timeframe we need? All within the allotted budget? Experience has taught us that these questions crucially separate success from failure.
  • In our work, we are exceedingly dependable, results-driven and solutions-oriented. Time after time, we are the first to get a call when our clients are in a pickle.
  • And with each other, we share a common work ethic to get things done, have each other’s backs when times get tough. This bond not only makes us great stewards of Y&R PR values of teamwork and mutual respect, but also shows our clients that we’re not just the individuals – but also the team – that will partner with them through thick and thin.


To us, flawless execution is not a buzzword – it’s a way of life – because we know in the end, it’s not just what you did, but how you did it that counts.

Sharon Chen / SVP
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