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Resounding Ideas

Don’t Sell Your Content Short

Our attention spans need a PR agency, because they have a bad reputation. They are seen as volatile, easily distracted and unreliable. As a result, whole industries are designed to cater to our miniscule attention spans.
But, our attention spans are deeply misunderstood. The adage “brevity is a virtue” couldn’t be more true. But ironically, that maxim has been unfairly cut short. It’s actually “brevity is a great virtue, yet it may be overestimated.”
Yes, we are constantly interrupted and multi-tasking, but the answer isn’t always short, brief content. People want deep, compelling content regardless of how long it is or how complicated it may seem. They don’t always want snackable info, but rather a narrative that is a full feast.
And the data backs this up:
Long Reads is a “Thing”: In 2016, The Pew Research Center found that people regularly engage with longer content (i.e., news stories over 1,000 words) and they do so on their phones. Several online places have cropped up housing robust content. LongReads provides an amazing selection of the best – your guessed it – long reads.
Binge Watching Needs No Introduction: Almost 40 percent of millennial and Gen Z binge watch shows weekly. That says nothing about my Game of Thrones obsession. True, the episodes may be short, particularly British TV, but people spend hours binge watching. There is even a binge watch calculator to determine how much time you need to binge watch your favorite shows.
Podcasts Are the Golden Goose of Advertisers: The podcast landscape is exploding. In 2015, podcasters added about 5,000 new podcasts to iTunes US per month. Apple just released their first analytics on podcasts this week and the average listener stays engaged well past the point of where short form reading would end.
In short, what’s the takeaway? There’s untapped opportunity in long-form storytelling. Not only will people read it, but if offers a forum to create a connection and a relationship with your customer. That’s something that can’t be achieved in 280 characters.

Courtney Walker / EVP, Deputy Director
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