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Rewarding Connections
Rewarding Connections

Gimme A Break

I recently discovered a startling statistic: Seventy percent of U.S. consumers binge-watch. In one report, binge watching was called “a growing public health concern” contributing to poor health and depression. High price to pay for a little fun and entertainment.

This naturally begs the question: How do audiences want their content served up? Much of the communications created by agencies today is designed to get audiences from point A to point B. To inform and inspire them first, and then get them to act. Content is best consumed in bite size chunks with time in between to digest. But the challenge that binge watching creates is that even a single episode has so many highs and lows, that by the end of it you can be left feeling so beaten up – exhausted, even momentarily desensitized. Yet still, we click and watch another.

Given consumer’s changing appetite for content, especially among millennials, it’s time to rethink how we serve up content. I recall the cliffhangers from my mother’s generation of soap operas. There was always a dramatic pause in action, followed by a close-up and dramatic music. You’d have to stay tuned between commercial breaks, or worse, wait until the next day to find out what happened next. We need to engage our audiences like this. Yes, social media is a great venue for building a steady cadence of content by tweeting, posting, or blogging. But we can’t just keep throwing content at audiences. They need a break in the action. Time to reflect on what we’re asking of them. Time to change their mindset and latitude to get inspired. That can certainly go a long way to making our content more compelling.

Jeff Cammisa / EVP/Creative Strategist
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