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#healthpolicy valentines: A digital lesson in brand personality

Health policy nerds rejoice: #healthpolicyvalentines are back! Once again, you’ll be able to peruse a Twitter storm of comedic and light-hearted tweets to round out complex issues like universal coverage, the Affordable Care Act, ICD-10 codes and the age-old question: “health care” or “healthcare”?
“I love you” is three words
“Health care” is two.
“Data” is plural (I love grammar AND you)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I don’t need prior authorization
To declare my love for you
For me, #healthpolicyvalentines is an important reminder that even the most serious and highly regulated industries are allowed to have a personality. Yes, I’m looking at you health insurers, pharma companies, hospitals, and many more.
And it may surprise you to find out that a chunk of your own audience fits within this unique group of people who are generally easy to spot and demonstrate “proof of personality”. These “health policy humorists,” as I like to call them, typically skew heavily NY- and DC-based for obvious reasons and are voracious consumers of pop culture and comedy content. They are prolific Tweeters and among the traditional health policy set are most likely to create their own content, but also to share yours.
If you uncover these humorists within your broader set of followers, it may give you some license to ‘lighten up’ your tone and personality. Appealing to these crowds means experimenting with tone and personality over time, measuring their performance, and adjusting accordingly. It’s not permission to completely change your brand over night, but it may be an opportunity to play with copy and visuals in a highly targeted ad and then move gradually to your main Twitter and Facebook feeds.
Who knows? One day you may find yourself creating posts that make relevant connections between pressing health care issues of the day and 30 Rock “eye roll” GIFs.
Now go on, jump on that #healthpolicyvalentines bandwagon and find your inner health policy humorist.

Michelle Webb / Vice President, Digital
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