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Resounding Ideas
Resounding Ideas

“Hey, What’s The Big Idea?”

The concept of the “big idea” is dying. One-off tactics, knee-jerk reactions to market shifts coupled with constant demand for immediate return on investment are leading to its extinction. My suspicion is a key factor driving its demise is the association people have with the phrase “big idea” itself. “Big” sounds expensive. “We’re going big,” portends breaking the bank. What’s more, the “big idea” can often be overkill when all that may be needed is just a smart, strategic solution to achieve your communication goals.


We need rethink our quest for the “big idea” to better serve client needs. There’s an old agency saying that goes, “you can have it cheap, fast or good. Pick any two.” This saying was rooted in the belief that for communications firms to turn a profit, they needed to deliver for clients without giving away the store. Parlay this notion into today’s PR environment and it still has relevance. Bigger isn’t always better. So here’s an idea: how about replacing the “big idea” with the “BRIGHT Idea” instead? Dissect the word bright and it looks like this: Broad in the media channels which it can be delivered; Relevant to those whom it reaches; Informed by sound market insights; Grounded in real brand truth; Heartfelt to audiences, regardless of how rational you want to be; and finally Tangible in the results it delivers. Aren’t these the tenets of what every successful marketer wants?


So the next time someone tries to sell you a “big idea,” ask instead “what’s the bright idea?”

Jeff Cammisa / EVP/Creative Strategist
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