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Resilient Thinking
Resilient Thinking

It’s Magnetism, Not Magic

In today’s ever-changing environment, the period post-product launch is most critical. No, it’s not time to sit back and count profits, rather it’s important to take a step back and develop a game plan on how to keep your product relevant and valuable with finicky consumers.


While a lot of research goes into launching a product successfully, coasting post-launch is short-sighted and risky. All those insights gathered are relevant on the day of launch, afterward all bets are off. Your customer’s tastes will change and while your product may be relevant to them today…tomorrow, not so much. Why? Because in a culture so highly influenced by digital advertising, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and other sources of motivation, your brand could be left behind.


So how do you keep ahead of the curve…and competitors? Well it’s about three words: Authentic, Inspiring, Engaging. If your brand can capture these three qualities well, it can become what we call a “magnetic brand.” Magnetic brands generate a compelling force that attracts, captures and draws in consumers on an ongoing basis.


At Y&R PR, to better understand what creates brand momentum, leadership and enduring vitality, we’ve analyzed years of global data and conducted our own proprietary studies. Based on that analysis, we discovered the strongest, most valuable brands are those that possess a type of magnetic power among people…which led to the development of a methodology for identifying a brand’s magnetic power.


Our validation research demonstrated that “brand magnetism” goes way beyond what a product delivers in terms of features, performance, and function. It captures the extent to which the brand’s experience is felt to be inviting, intriguing, and emotionally rewarding, measured by three principles:

  • Authenticity is achieved when a brand is seen as staying true to its promises and purpose
  • Engagement is manifested when a brand is perceived as actively interacting with customers and communities with dynamism, empathy, respect, and compassion
  • Inspiration is driven by perceptions that a brand’s inventiveness, creativity and vision expands and energizes our minds and hearts


So the next time you’re getting ready to launch a product or working to develop a plan, make sure your strategy and tactics foster authenticity, spark inspiration, and foster engagement. Because when it comes to building a sustainable brand, there’s no magic to it. It’s all about magnetism.

Olga Fleming / CEO
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