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Rambunctious Culture
Rambunctious Culture

Let’s Dance

The Swedes are a crafty bunch. I am not just talking about Ikea. Six years ago, a small group of friends in Sweden decided to host dance parties during their lunch breaks. Their parties, called “Lunch Beat,” were a smash success. As rumors of the mini-raves multiplied, the once intimate dance party in a garage turned into full-scale events catering to 600 people per pop. In 2011, “lunch disco” was officially recognized as a new word by the Swedish Language Council. These parties went beyond a fad. They were meant to be a true sojourn from the tyranny of office stress. They helped people return to their desks refreshed. It seemed to work. It turns out that dance jogs creativity and runs over self-consciousness. It washes the mind clean of stale thinking. By leaning into our rambunctiousness, we can transform ourselves into forces of focus.


Can the spirit of unencumbered rambunctiousness live within the walls of today’s PR agencies? Why yes indeed, it can. As a rule at Y&R PR we foster a rambunctiousness spirit into our culture. A few examples:


  • We take it to the streets: Ideas are not always born in conference rooms. They can present themselves at any time – from your morning shower to the middle of the night. So we practice roving brainstorms, where we get out of the building and walk the colorful and spirited streets the Flatiron district in New York to find inspiration.
  • We think that vacation is as important as work: The first things Y&R PR employees get are desks, computers, and push pins. The desk is to house important papers. Computers are to house files. But push pins, perhaps the most valuable tool, are for our Y&R PR Wall Map where we commemorate and celebrate our collective vacations. It’s the place where we share our stories and adventures. So far, we have been to five continents, nearly all of the U.S. States and the list keeps growing.


Even though we do things differently, we don’t corner the market on rambunctiousness. We want to hear from you too.


So let’s dance.

Courtney Walker / EVP, Deputy Director
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