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Refined Approach
Refined Approach

Ready, Set, Execute

As the 2017-2018 NFL season opens, there is much to learn from last year’s Super Bowl Champs. “We’re five weeks behind everyone else for 2017,” was Bill Belichick’s main take-away following New England’s Super Bowl win — a telling insight regarding focus and approach.

Love him or hate him, Belichick is an anomaly who keeps winning. For him, it’s about building based on insights, identifying players who strive for unity, and maintaining discipline despite distractions.

I’m not a Patriots fan by any means, but there are key learnings communicators should extract from the “Belichickian” philosophy. His proven approach is straightforward, and it doesn’t involve tinkering with the air pressure of a football.

  • Fundamentals. The Patriots are accountable for their actions, and take care of their basic responsibilities. Great firms master the fundamentals. Preparation, professionalism and accuracy are table stakes, but oftentimes short cuts replace these basic necessities. Sure, showboating can win an account, but “table stake consistency” sustains long-standing relationships and cements reputation, making them foundational to championship teams.
  • Development. The Patriots expect everyone to deliver, and development never stops. We must constantly identify and cultivate potential, never being satisfied by prior success. What differentiates the Patriots and Y&R PR is building a culture around an insatiable desire to learn and a relentless pursuit to achieve.
  • Flexibility. The Patriots have a unique strategic formula based on research, insight, planning, creativity, and execution. Success comes when we dig deeper and imagine more. Simply utilizing a proprietary tool or repurposing another plan never cut it. Our clients trust us to deliver more, because there’s simply too much at stake.

Great firms can flex into a situation, identify the areas of opportunity and execute flawlessly. Why? Because like the Patriots, their teams are grounded in the fundamentals, they continue to hone their skills and find unique solutions, regardless of the challenge. In many ways, Y&R PR has embraced the “Belichickian” philosophy to reinvent how we deliver impact to clients.

Jon Hendl / EVP, Client Services
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