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Rambunctious Culture

When Creativity Becomes Tasty

My seven-year old daughter loves ice cream and YouTube. Put together, she obsessively watches videos of Black Tap milkshakes being made. For the uninitiated, Black Tap milkshakes tower vertically while you likely grow horizontally after eating them. Her favorite is the Brooklyn Blackout, which is topped with chocolate chips, chocolate drizzle and an entire brownie. Her comment after watching the Brooklyn Blackout being made is, “it needs a Twix bar.”
So even after adding confection on top of candy, she still didn’t think the job was complete. I instantly thought of one of my clients who told me my (very robust) plan wasn’t enough. And then my other client who told me that my plan was too much. So, how do you know when you are finished with your idea?
There is a slew of books about how to be creative, but few – in fact none that I can find – cover how to know if you’ve been creative enough. There are some standard ways to test ideas – pilot program (yeah), small group focus groups (of course), but those tactics aren’t foolproof. At the end of the day, it comes down to the taste of the consumer.
So how can we quantify that? At Y&R PR we have something called the Content Palate. Like a food palate, it gives companies insights into not only the type of content that a consumer is attracted to, how they engage with it, but also their taste. It gets complicated because people love different types of content, but it gives marketers an opportunity to tailor content in a way that can really speak to their consumer’s liking.
A simple example: a mom in the Northeast is an avid viewer of Special Victims Unit; she also loves terrible movies (like The Room) and will post socially about NFL. What does this tell us?
It means that she is attracted to content that is predictable, procedural, and aimed at a mass market. Much like a Twix bar, it’s satisfying, and she understands what she is going to consume – like the NFL (always 4 quarters), SVU (always a trial at the end). But she likes familiar structures that can be upended in a sharp, knowing and ironic way (like The Room). She has “good bad taste.” In short, she is our Suburban Hipster. Now we are cooking…we can create content just for her. Email me to find out your consumer’s palette.

Courtney Walker / EVP, Deputy Director
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